Influencer marketing is a $16 biillion dollar business. Yet many brands that invest in influencer marketing are not capable of measuring the added value of their campaigns. 

Instagram is the preferred channel for brands that engage in influencer marketing, but often they explore other channels to reach niche audiences. 

Download the case study to see how Lingoda used INCRMNTAL to measure if their influencer marketing were incremental or not - with out stopping any of their campaigns. 

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Lingoda is not a language learning app. They are an online language school. And like any school, offer live classes with certified, native-speaking teachers.

Discover how Lingoda unlocked the incremental value of their influencer marketing efforts with INCRMNTAL.

  • Ran multi-channel and multi-geo campaigns.
  • Identified which influencers were giving the most value.
  • Used results to assess the performance of the influencer campaigns to determine whether to extend or terminate collaboration. 

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