• 360 Measurement Platform
  • No User Level Data Needed
  • TV, OOH, Digital, Influencers, Cinema
  • Continuous Measurement

Incrementality Measurement without Experiments

Built for a Post-IDFA World. Measure incrementality in seconds. Self Service Integration.


You don't need to stop anything to measure its value

Next Gen

Build for a Post-IDFA world. We don't need nor want user level data.


Flat pricing. Pick your package.

The world's first automated activity logger

The platform automatically tracks all of your marketing activities, allowing you to measure the impact of what you did. In seconds!


Measurement in seconds

Measure the impact of channels, campaigns, ad groups, and single marketing activities.

There is a lot of "noise" around the topic of incrementality but finally someone has brought to market the solution we have all been waiting for. By using INCRMNTAL we are finally starting to understand the real impact of our spend, the real organic uplift exclusively due to featuring and getting a step closer to the promised land of marketing efficiency.
Filippo De Rose
Chief Growth Officer | Traplight
We didn’t think we could even measure the direct affect of offline mail-in flyers over our digital performance, but with incrmntal, we found the value of offline spends, allowing us to configure our marketing strategy using the insights.
Johann Schumacher
Performance Marketing | Fastic