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Users have been pretty shocked in the past few years, learning how data was being used and shared freely amongst platforms. Topics like Anonymous Targeting and Political Interference were painted using the same brush.

Advertising in Post Identifier world is not new. Advertisers have known little about their audiences when using offline mediums for over a hundred years. User identification was always on borrowed time.

We as an industry just “enjoyed” two decades where no one really questioned what was happening. Now, that is changing.

Change is the only constant in our world.

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Measurement In A Post Identifier World


History of Identifiers

UDID, IMEI, AdTruth ID, Mac Address, Android ID, IDFA. Identifiers changed through the short history. 


IDs Fueled the App Economy

When the fuel runs out, everything is impacted. Device Graph, retargeting, tracking & attribution



POST ID Measurement

Learn about how measurement looks like with no user level tracking available. Learn about Media Mix Modeling, Incrementality testing