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Measurement Orchestration

Making attribution, incrementality, and MMM play nicely together

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Marketers, like conductors, need to know how to make everything play together

Discover three key measurement methods with their respective strengths and weaknesses: User-level tracking, incrementality measurement, and Media Mix Modeling (MMM).

Learn how to overcome challenges in attributing sales to specific channels: 


Know which marketing channels are working, which need to be cut and where to optimize 

Discover which campaigns perform best, and replicate success across geos 

        Spend your advertising budgets wiser 

Featuring quotes from some of the most knowledgable people in the industry

“Our approach to measurement has been changing as we learned more about the methodologies as well. Now we’re at some point where we’re learning to orchestrate attribution and incremental conclusions together.

Anton Bugaev, Marketing Data Analyst, Bolt

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