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Moshi Kids started using INCRMNTAL to measure the true value of their marketing activities. Revealing opportunities that would have
otherwise be missed, if they had relied on legacy attribution methods. 

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Kids apps endured the most strict privacy regulations for several years, forcing these players to adapt their entire marketing strategy without relying on user-level data.

Learn about how Moshi Kids is utilizing INCRMNTAL to measure the true value of their marketing activities without needing to rely on IDFAs or "Probabilistic Attribution" (which is just a fancy word for Fingerprinting....)


Customer Testimonial:

If we only relied on attribution data, we would have missed the opportunity we had with scaling TikTok. Click-based attribution was completely off the charts. INCRMNTAL gives us the directional measurement insights for us to make decisions based on the value attributed to marketing activities. INCRMNTAL’s methodology is the paradigm shift marketers have been looking for.
Malik Medjahed-Schwethelm, Head of User Acquisition, Moshi Kids