This comprehensive white paper reviews the past and future of tracking and measurement. And why now was the time to start an evolution.



Everything is Trackable

The dream promised by the digital advertising era. Biometric targeting and personalization of campaigns.

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How the great depression in 1930 paved the way to unlimited advertising opportunities.


Measurement in a Minute

Using tracking data to facilitate value measurement in a minute rather than weeks of testing.

Digital Advertising grew from $0 to $400,000,000,000 in less than 25 years.
Advertising went from Print, to Banners, to Popups, to Email, to Social, to Video, to Playable Ads, to Cross Platform Experiences.

Measurement, on the other hand, has barely changed.

Even the term measurement has been a gross overstatement. Measurement platforms have been nothing more than a glorified counting machine, counting impressions, clicks and conversions.

This is why we decided it’s time to advance, time to evolve.

It's Evolution, Baby!

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